Quality assurance

ISO9001: 2008 acquired

ISO9001: 2008 acquired
Our company has acquired the quality certification of ISO9001:2008, which is an international standards relating to the system for quality management and quality assurance. We are committed to exerting every effort to manufacture the products that every customer will be satisfied with.

Certification No.: JQA-QM5075

JISQ9100:2009 acquired

JISQ9100:2009 acquired
Our company acquired the quality certification of JISQ9100:2009 on September 28, 2007

Certification No.: JQA-AS0033
Lines of Business
Production, sales and machining of the following business items:
EPrecisely machined components for aircraft
EDevices for space development or those equipped with artificial satellites
EComponents for warships and other vessels, oil hydraulic equipment, or electronically controlled equipment
EParts for aircraft engines