Precision machining

Machining of metal parts (with lathes, milling cutters, NC lathes, MCs)

Machining of metal parts (with lathe, milling  cutter, NC lathe, MC)

ž Twenty-five units of machining centers including 9 units of high efficiency machines operate non-stop for 24 hours a day.
ž We are good at machining very difficult-to-cut parts.
ž A wide variety of materials such as aluminum, stainless-steel, nickel base alloys, titanium alloys, etc. is dealt with.
ž Highly-skilled operators are employed in our general-purpose machine section, capable of performing stable machining of high quality parts.
žOur facilities are made available for both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional CAD data. Three units of 3-dimensional measuring instruments are available. Attachment of data is enabled as well.

Capable of handling both 2- and 3-dimentional CAD data

We have substantially shortened the delivery time from an order to cutting by networking the procedures for converting the drawing data to CAD/CAM systems, setting up tools and mechanical data entries.

using CAD at work   CAD's screen

Examples of precision machining

ž5-axis machining

Impeller machining   Tube machining
£Impeller machining
We are capable of machining such difficult materials as standing walls with deep cavities and ,differences in height, or shapes with undercuts, or winding surfaces with unmatched simplicity and reliability.
  £Tube machining
Programming time is reduced by 90 % or more and machining time is shortened by as much as 50 %. Automatic interference check and interference avoidance functions equipped with ensure the highest reliability of the process

žGeneral milling cutters
Suitable for machining of a small and medium volume of materials and a wide variety of very difficult-to-cut parts. A digital scale equipped with the cutters provides stable quality.
žGeneral lathes
Perform machining with 2-way chuck and special jigs in most cases, and suitable for machining of a medium volume of materials and a wide variety of parts requiring high level of machining technology.
žNC lathes
We have much experience and track record of machining parts made of SUS, titanium alloys, nickel base alloys, molybdenum, etc. as well.


Technology cannot be sustained only by, machineries, equipment and facilities. It calls for each operatorfs long experience and excellence in technical capability. Paying close attention to the details with expert skills, he or she can finish products without any burrs or sleds found even if they are magnified by 10 - 20 times.


Every part used for aircraft as well as every part related to space development has as many as several hundreds of items subject to strict inspection and all these inspections must be passed for those parts to be shipped out. Passing this strict inspection results in an acquisition of trust based on reliable experiences.

Inspection Inspection CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine
Lines of Business
Production, sales and machining of the following business items:
EPrecisely machined components for aircraft
EDevices for space development or those equipped with artificial satellites
EComponents for warships and other vessels, oil hydraulic equipment, or electronically controlled equipment
EParts for aircraft engines